Do you have a loved one in Minneapolis who is a victim of hoarding? Has the situation gotten out of hand and you don’t know how to help them? Helping a hoarder requires sensitivity, support, and professional help. While helping a hoarder recover is an incredibility multifaceted experience, there are five key things you should keep in mind throughout the journey. Serving the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, PureOne Services are here to help you through this tough and challenging process.


Be Patient

Even if your loved one realizes that they are hoarding, their hoarding often isn’t a problem they feel they can easily solve. There is a memory attached to every item and continuing to hoard feels as if it is right. Recovering from hoarding is a long process, which takes professional help and support to recover from. Rushing the process could have negative effects. Instead, be patient with them along their way to recovery.


Refrain From Judgment

Judging your loved one for their hoarding will only make matters worse. To them, their items are important and valuable. Harsh words from you will only have adverse effects, on their hoarding and on your relationship with them. Your support will help them tremendously along the journey to recovery.


Don’t Throw Stuff Away

It can be tempting to attempt to “cure” your loved one by removing the items they hoard. Like judgment, this will not fix the situation and it can cause conflict in your relationship with your loved one. Throwing away their items can bring on emotional distress on your loved one, delaying the recovery process.


Help Them Find Treatment

Taking the step towards treatment is an incredibly difficult process. It requires recognizing that hoarding is a problem and taking the first step towards solving the problem. Offer your assistance in finding a qualified therapist. Be careful about your approach, you do not want to force your loved one throughout this process.


Celebrate Small Victories

This journey will take time. It can feel as if your loved one will never stop hoarding, but remember that this is not true. Acknowledging and recognizing the small victories – throwing away an item, refraining from purchasing new items – can help you and your loved one remember that positive progress is being made.


The process of hoarding results in excessive amounts of waste in your loved one’s Minneapolis / St. Paul home. PureOne Services can help you and your loved one on their road to recovery. We offer assistance getting help for hoarders as well as cleanup services for the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro area. Whether the hoarding is animals, food, paper, trash, or anything in between, intensive cleaning can be difficult and potentially hazardous.

A professional company, like PureOne Services, can clean the home while being sensitive to the situation. Don’t go through this alone; let us be there for you.