If a violent crime or suicide occurred in your residence, it’s critical to contact

PureOne Services for viral disinfection in St. Louis today.

Many people mistakenly believe that the police will clean and sanitize the violent scene, but this isn’t true! Once law enforcement has done its thing and left, the last thing you want to worry about isviral disinfection, so call 888-254-3189. Cleaning up a violent, bloody crime scene is hazardous, difficult, and emotionally challenging, so rely on us!

What Is So Important About Viral Disinfection?

If you have a violent crime scene in your house, and the police are gone, it’s common to think that you can handle everything on your own. Wrong.

Blood, urine, feces, and human remains leave all kinds of dangerous viruses and pathogens in the house. You and your loved ones are in danger! But you always can count on PureOne Services in St. Louis to handle viral disinfection and crime scene cleanup.

More Information About Viral Disinfection and Crime Scene Cleanup

PureOne Services has the training and experience to handle your crime scene cleanup needs. Generally, our team will work in the following way:

  • Our remediation team will review the affected area of your home and determine the scope of the viral disinfection cleanup. Once we have set up a plan, we will commence with our remediation efforts.
  • Our team will take several safety steps to ensure they and others in the area are kept safe.
  • Any hazardous medical waste, including spinal fluid, blood, urine, peritoneal fluid, amniotic fluid, etc. will be handled according to OSHA standards. We send these materials to a licensed medical waste incineration company.
  • Team members remove carpeting, fabric, and other porous materials according to state regulations and industry standards.
  • Non-hazardous items and materials are disposed of or decontaminated and sanitized if we can save them.
  • After the viral disinfection process and sanitization, our team deodorizes the scene and area. Flooring and walls could be sealed to cover any stains etc. that are left from the event.
  • Taking away all contaminated materials, cleaning, and sanitizing is usually enough to get rid of odors. But PureOne Services may use ozone or hydroxyls to make sure all odors are gone.

Please Call PureOne Services In St. Louis Today!

A crime scene often leaves a mess that most homeowners don’t know how to clean safely. Plus, the emotional aspect of dealing with such a situation is often overwhelming. Instead, you can rely on PureOne Services to handle the situation, including viral disinfection, so please contact us today.

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