A violent crime scene leaves behind dangerous blood, which is why blood cleanup in Minneapolis offered by PureOne Services is needed right away in your home. Any violent crime scene is contaminated with dangerous pathogens that can cause many deadly diseases, including hepatitis and HIV, among others. Please contact us at (612) 346-2024 for immediate blood cleanup in Minneapolis.

What’s So Important About Blood Cleanup in Minneapolis?

Blood cleanup in Minneapolis is needed any time a home is the scene of a bloody crime or incident, such as a murder, suicide, or animal attack. Immediate crime scene cleaning is essential. When you call PureOne Services, our team will make your home safe again.

After you learn of the violent scene in your home and you call the police, law enforcement will come and collect evidence and analyze the area. But after the police are done, they will not clean your home. You need to have it done yourself. Why does this matter?

A decomposing body leaves dangerous bodily fluids that can make everyone in the home sick. The crime scene must be remediated by professionals to ensure the area is totally decontaminated.

More Information About Crime Scene Health Risks

Hazardous pathogens are left behind after a murder or other violent incident. You can get HIV, hepatitis and other diseases that endanger human health. If you lack the equipment or training to clean up the scene, you can make yourself ill, and the area will not be decontaminated. Cleaning up a violent crime scene should never be attempted without personal protective equipment (PPE) or medical-grade cleaners.

The severe dangers of violent crime scenes is the reason the US government released a list of requirements that all crime scene cleanup professionals must follow.

Another issue is that bacteria and airborne viruses can stay in your home for weeks after the crime. Remediating the contaminated area is needed, and conventional cleaners will not do the job. You can make the visible blood go away, but a lot of dangerous things are left behind that only professionals can eliminate.

PureOne Services in Minneapolis provides the crime cleanup services that will keep you and your loved ones safe. Our workers will get to the scene fast and will get your home back to the way it was. After we clean the scene, you can begin to process the emotional aftermath of the event. This takes time, but you will know that your home is safe again.

CallPureOne Services Today To Clean Up Crime Scenes

Homeowners do not have the training, equipment or experience to clean up a bloody crime scene. It is a big mistake to try to clean up your home yourself after a bloody crime. But you can count on PureOne Services at (612) 346-2024  for complete blood cleanup in Minneapolis.