A violent crime scene in your home leaves hazardous blood and bodily fluids behind, so you need immediate crime scene cleanup services offered by PureOne Services. Bloody crime scenes are extremely hazardous to humans and animals because they are contaminated with dangerous pathogens that are NOT eliminated with common household cleaners. When you need crime scene cleanup right away, you can rely on PureOne Services in Connecticut at 888-254-3189.

What’s Special About Crime Scene Cleaning?

When a murder, suicide, animal attack, or other violence crime happens in your home, the crime scene is contaminated and dangerous. Rapid crime scene cleaning is needed to keep you, your loved ones, and pets safe. The crime scene cleanup services provided by PureOne Services will eliminate all dangerous pathogens from the home and make it habitable again.

More About Crime Scene Health Risks

Crime scenes have dire environmental and health hazards and immediate cleanup is needed after law enforcement finishes their investigation. Note that police are not required to clean up a crime scene; that responsibility falls on the homeowner. But no inexperienced homeowner should ever attempt to clean up a crime scene without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and special cleaners and equipment to eliminate all dangerous human pathogens.

Keep in mind that bacteria and airborne viruses may remain in the crime scene and in your home for weeks. Cleaning up a crime scene with regular cleaning products will not do the job.

PureOne Services in Connecticut provides the best crime scene cleaning services fast. Our rapid-response team will get to your property right away and will work fast to decontaminate the home and get it back to its pre-incident condition.

Our team wears special protective gear, including PPE, a respirator or mask to prevent inhalation of viruses, a specially lined uniform, disposable gloves, and goggles.

When blood is on the scene, a complete sanitization of the home makes sure people are safe in the property. Medical grade sanitization products are used to completely decontaminate all walls, carpets, floors, ceilings, and belongings. Any belongings that cannot be salvaged are safely removed from the property and disposed of according to CDC and OSHA regulations.

Our cleanup team also is trained to provide compassion to you and your loved ones as they clean the scene and property. Getting the property cleaned is one of the essential parts of the healing process, and our team is proud to do it.

CallPureOne Services For Your Connecticut Crime Scene Cleaning

Never attempt to clean up a crime scene on your own. A professional cleanup crew with special equipment, cleaners and expertise is needed to decontaminate the crime scene. When the worst happens, call PureOne Services at 888-254-3189 for your crime scene cleanup.