Having a hobby can be a great thing. Many people enjoy collecting memorabilia . However, sometimes people have a problem letting go of things. Over time, this can turn into a real problem and a safety hazard. If you or someone that you know in Connecticut, Georgia or Minnesota has a problem with hoarding in the household, it could be time to call a professional hoarding cleanup company. This is where PureOne Services comes in handy because we are your local hoarding cleanup specialists!

Signs of a Hoarder

  • Messy Living Space – When you visit a hoarder, their home or apartment is very messy cluttered. Some rooms are full of food and or collected items. They usually don’t like to have guests because they are embarrassed. 
  • They’ll Collect Anything – Typically, a hoarder will collect and keep many different items. 
  • Can’t Get Rid of Things – Getting a hoarder to let go of or get rid of items they are hoarding can be very difficult.

Hoarding Help

Our cleaning specialists are certified to handle both big and small hoarding cleanup projects. Our team of technicians will help you every step of the way to assist you while sorting through items, keep items worth keeping and thoroughly cleaning and sanitize the living space.

During the process we may even find other things like mold or rodent droppings. If that is the case we also offer mold removal services, rodent bio cleanup and much more.

We can help your loved one get control of their life, no matter the size of the situation. We will get your living space back to normal to its pre hoarding condition.

Call PureOne Services 

The next time you are searching for hoarding cleanup service near me or if someone that you know has a problem with hoarding call PureOne Services today to help get their home back to normal.

Our experts work hard to guarantee the highest levels of quality cleaning and restoration and we apply the proper solutions to so you can be sure your family is clean and safe.