Professional Deep Cleaning Services for Your Business or Commercial Property During COVID-19

These are unprecedented times for all of us. Learning how to navigate through this environment filled with uncertainty is stressful. The biggest concern today is the health and safety of those around us while the threat of COVID-19 looms. At PureOne Services, we specialize in deep cleaning commercial properties to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our specialists are prepared to provide businesses small or large with timely, reliable, and safe virus disinfection services

Why Should I Get My Property Deep Cleaned?

If you’re worried about combatting COVID-19 or other viruses, you’ll need to look beyond traditional cleaning methods. Strains of the coronavirus have been known to survive on surfaces for up to 17 days. Those infected with the virus may not display symptoms until weeks later or even have no symptoms altogether. This makes it that much more important to ensure you have the right cleaning company by your side. With our help, you can protect your staff, customers, and families from viral infection today.

What COVID-19 Cleaning Services Does PureOne Offer?

PureOne Services offers a wide array of professional commercial deep cleaning services to help keep pathogens at bay. Viral disinfection and deep cleaning services are available for commercial properties including but not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Restaurants (including kitchen deep cleaning services)
  • Warehouses
  • Factory

Protecting Your Loved Ones and Your Business

At PureOne, we understand the severity of the risk that COVID-19 poses, and have extensively trained techs on hand. The protective gear our techs wear and the specialized equipment they use meet strict health and safety protocols. Our cleaning methods also follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for hazardous materials.  Our company performs a two-step viral disinfection and decontamination process as recommended by the CDC as the proper process for cleaning and disinfecting.  Our techs exclusively use products that are able to kill COVID-19 and other viruses and are registered on the EPA “N” list.

When it comes to protecting your community from COVID-19, there are no shortcuts.

We guarantee:

Fast 24-hour emergency response

   Free, no-obligation estimates

   Top-of-the-line methods and equipment

   Compassionate customer service

Disclaimer: All PureOne Services locations do not hold all of these listed certifications.

Choose PureOne Services Today 

Whether you’re a school administrator, own a restaurant, small business, or other commercial property, we care about you, your loved ones, and the community you serve. Our team is ready to offer professional disinfecting and restoration solutions that bring you peace of mind and protect your property.  Minimize the spread of infection and contact us today.