Chemicals used to manufacture meth and other drugs leave a hazardous residue behind that was created during the “cooking” process. This is not something you can remove yourself, but rather an issue for the professionals to tackle. If you find yourself living in a former drug lab, or you need help with meth lab cleanup services after a tenant was cooking drugs on your property, we’re here to help.

PureOne Services offers affordable, effective drug lab testing and decontamination services. By utilizing the most advanced cleanup technologies and techniques, we’ll make your space safe again. Our testing, assessment and decontamination projects, and reports are complete, scientifically sound, legally defensible, and meet customer and regulatory objectives.

Dangers of Meth Labs

While the word “lab” might conjure an image of a sterile, scientific room, meth labs are anything but that—they can be found in houses, apartments, trailers, storage facilities, hotel and motel rooms, restaurants, and even vehicles. And there are no scientific safety procedures or precautions taken here. The drugs and operation might be gone, but meth labs can leave dangerous residues behind.

Here are just a few items that can be contaminated by the chemicals and by-products used in meth labs during meth use or the “cooking” process:

  • Building structure
  • Contents of the room or area
  • Carpets
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Drywall
  • HVAC system
  • Wells and septic
  • Yard

When these items and areas become contaminated, they become hazardous to people and pets alike and can cause serious health problems. The potentially deadly chemicals left behind can linger for months or years after the lab is gone, and can wind up entering the body by inhalation, ingestion, or absorption through the skin. Porous items like upholstered furniture and carpets can absorb and hold onto the residue until they’re properly decontaminated! And on top of the risk of direct harm, meth labs are also at risk for explosion and fire.

Exposure to meth residues can cause health effects like behavioral changes, neurological harm, and kidney and liver damage. Young children are at particularly high risk of adverse health effects for a number of reasons. Unless they’re at daycare, infants and toddlers spend much of their time at home, where they can come into contact with those contaminated surfaces while playing. And because they consume more oxygen while growing, they are also more at risk of inhaling those airborne pollutants.

If a residence or property has played home to a drug lab, it requires professional evaluation and sanitation before a public health official can declare it habitable. You should never try to eliminate these health hazards yourself—not only are you risking further damaging the home or structure, but you’re also risking your own wellbeing! Instead, call in a professional cleaning crew.

What Goes Into a Drug Lab Cleanup?

Meth lab decontamination is an intricate process. Depending on how long the drug lab was in operation, your property may require significant amounts of time, care, and effort to decontaminate it and make it safe again. That’s where we come in! PureOne Services is a certified and insured meth lab cleanup company that specializes in drug lab decontamination and meth testing. We understand that this can be a trying time for you, and we’re dedicated to tackling every drug lab cleanup with empathy and sensitivity. Here’s how our process works.


To begin the decontamination process, we first perform an on-site inspection to evaluate the current state of your property. We follow this up by researching law enforcement records and planning and executing a sampling strategy in order to better understand the level of contamination we are working to remove. These starting steps are critical to the development of a comprehensive work plan that takes into account your property’s specific needs.

Why Decontaminate?

Maybe you know your property has been through a meth lab bust, but you don’t see any residue, and you haven’t noticed any effects. You may think this means you’re safe. You don’t have to pay for decontamination, and you can just move on.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Methamphetamine residue is an invisible vapor that clings to every surface in a home – from the windows to the walls to the floors. It seeps into soft surfaces – carpets and furnishings. You can’t paint over it, and you can’t clean it up with consumer-grade antibacterial cleaners.

Though you may not think meth is a problem in your property, extended exposure to even low levels of methamphetamine residue can cause serious health problems. Whether it’s your own home that may be contaminated or a rental property, decontamination brings you peace of mind.

State Regulations

As meth becomes a bigger problem around the nation, many states have increasingly strict meth lab decontamination rules. Though not all states have these rules, it can be difficult to manage your local, county, and state regulations for meth lab decontamination. That’s why it pays to bring in the professionals. PureOne Services has worked with local Health and Police Departments since its inception. We know how to ensure that your property meets all necessary regulations throughout the decontamination process.

The Cost of Cleanup

Meth lab decontamination probably costs less than you think it will. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories of homes that needed to be completely demolished due to meth residue. Or maybe you just assume that it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to rid your property of the poison.

In fact, meth lab decontamination is surprisingly affordable, at least when you make the right choices.

PureOne Services uses  the latest technology available to quickly and easily decontaminate your property. Our process requires very little tear-out or reconstruction, making it quite affordable. If you have property insurance, it’s likely that your insurer will pay for some or most of the cost of decontamination. In fact, we’ll work directly with your insurance company to take care of those details as much as possible.

So what does meth lab decontamination look like? Here are the steps we take to ensure your property is meth free:

  1. Testing: We begin with quantitative pre-testing to determine how contaminated your property is, and which areas are most contaminated.
  2. Cleanup: Our professionals carefully clean the home of leftover belongings and debris, and remove porous components like furniture and carpeting.
  3. Vacuuming: We use HEPA-certified vacuums to remove all dust from the property.
  4. Decontamination: Our certified meth lab decontamination technicians cover every square inch of your property – including ventilation systems – with a specialized biodegradable cleaning solution that deactivates the meth contaminants. We rinse the solution with water to ensure your property meets or exceeds state, local, and federal regulations for meth decontamination.
  5. Post-Testing: After the property is cleaned, we run more tests to document that the home is completely clean. If required in your area, we’ll send the Certificate of Decontamination and report to the local and state health departments.

Meth Lab Cleanup and Other Remediation Services

We’re pleased to offer our professional restoration and remediation services in four locations around the country! Each of our locations offers emergency cleanup services day or night and is fully prepared to help you handle your situation.


Matthew Fleisher, owner of PureOne Services Connecticut, knows that crime scene cleanup and other biohazard events require professional expertise coupled with a caring and empathetic approach to remediation. His team of trained professionals are based in Niantic Connecticut and are ready and able to address your  mold removal and blood cleanup ct needs.


PureOne Services Georgia offers a variety of restoration and remediation services, ranging from natural disaster help to mold remediation. Owners Sandra and Pat Apoian take a personal approach to remediation, putting their customers first and handling any and all needs with sensitivity.


Todd Olson operates PureOne Services Minnesota with fine attention to detail, both in his remediation work and careful selection of his staff. Hoarding cleanup services and a range of other restoration and remediation services are available throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs.


Jerry Fisher, owner of PureOne Services Missouri, operates out of Sunset Hills, Missouri and services the St. Louis metro area as well as southern Illinois. Whether you require crime scene cleanup, water damage remediation, or professional biohazard services, his team is ready to create a comprehensive plan to best address your needs.

Get Your Property Back with PureOne Services

Illegal activity doesn’t happen in a vacuum—you may find yourself dealing with all manner of biohazards in that former drug lab. The good news is that you don’t actually have to do a thing except pick up the phone! So instead of searching for information on how to get blood out of carpet, give us a call. Whether you’re faced with a former meth lab or you’re in need of crime scene cleanup, the professionals at PureOne Services can help.









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