Hazardous spills can be hard to identify. The easiest way to know if it is a hazardous spill or not is to ask yourself “can this substance cause injury to someone if it stays here? If you answer yes then the spill is considered hazardous. However, if it is contaminated, blood or chemically dangerous you should probably call a professional restoration company to completely cleanup the area. Are you questioning yourself if you should cleanup the spill yourself or call PureOne Services? Then you should probably call us and have us come clean up the hazardous spill.

Does your workplace or company have a sign hung anywhere with the acronym ALERT on it? It’s a good idea they do. These are the steps you should follow before the professionals arrive:

Alert: Alert property managers, security personnel or company leadership that a potentially hazardous spill has taken place. Identify the exact location and any other pertinent details.

Life: Take steps to protect the life and health of employees in the building. Block off areas affected by the spill and warn employees in the immediate vicinity.

Evacuate: Evacuate the premises in a safe and orderly way. After evacuation, check that all employee areas are unoccupied, making sure no one is left behind.

Restrict:  Block entryways until the professionals arrive. If possible, station employees at each entry point.

Tell. Meet the professional hazmat cleanup company as they arrive and give them as much information as possible to assist them. The goal of PureOne Services will be to safely cleanup the affected area and get everyone back to work as soon and safely as possible.