Water damage can be a huge problem for your home or building. It starts out small making you think it’s not a big deal but it’s actually getting worse. Maybe you have a slight roof leak or water dripping from your sink. The problem is that, over time, this simple leak will erode the walls and structure of your home, and it could even rot out the wood which could cause mold or even in the worse case scenario it could cause the home to collapse.

This is why it is so important to address any water issue immediately. If you take care of it early, you won’t have to worry about it again. Water damage can usually be quickly repaired without requiring you to spend a great deal of money unless a major appliance has been compromised or a weather event. It only becomes expensive when you let the problem go on for way too long. If you end up having to replace an entire section of the wall or floor because of water damage, the costs will ad up.

A good example of this is a home that has an air handler in its attic. The air handler releases condensation into a drip pan but no one ever goes up in the attic to check to see if the drip pan is full. Not only has water been penetrating the wood floor in the attic it eventually soaks thru and begins to soak the insulation. From their it drips thru to the ceiling making the drywall soggy. Instead of just checking on the air handler,  this home now has to have a the attic the plywood flooring removed, insulation removed, drywall ceilings removed and mold removal. It can happen quickly!

So if you notice any signs of water leaks or damage in your home, be sure to call your local water damage restoration service at PureOne Services to get it taken care of as early as possible. You’ll be glad you did!

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