The COVID-19 virus has created much uncertainty about safety and staying in business, but PureOne Services can help you with the best viral disinfection in Minneapolis.

A major worry these days is the health and safety of our co-workers, employees, customers, and families during the coronavirus pandemic. But you can count of outstanding viral disinfection in Minneapolis from PureOne Services, owned by Todd Olson. Please call us anytime for fast, reliable viral disinfection in Minneapolis at (612) 346-2024, or visit

Do I Need Viral Disinfecting in Minneapolis?

Many companies need viral disinfecting in Minneapolis because our deep cleaning services can halt the spread of the dangerous COVID-19 virus. Our team members are well-trained to handle viral disinfecting in Minneapolis. Our staff is experienced in viral disinfection and deep cleaning for a variety of small and large companies. We are on time, reliable and offer complete virus disinfection services at competitive prices.

Are you worried about dangerous viruses endangering people in your business? Then you have to look past conventional cleaning methods. COVID-19 strains are dangerous and may live on surfaces for more than two weeks. Some may be infected with the coronavirus and show no symptoms for weeks, or at all. So, you must have the top viral disinfection business in Minneapolis at your side. PureOne Services will help to protect your team members, customers, and families from dangerous viruses.

If you are concerned about eradicating viruses in your company, you should look past conventional cleaning techniques. Coronavirus has been seen to live for up to 17 days on some surfaces. People who are infected with the virus may not present signs for weeks. Or they may never have symptoms. That means it is important to ensure you work with PureOne Services for deep cleaning and disinfection.

Viral Disinfection Services PureOne Services We Offer in Minneapolis

PureOne Services in Minneapolis provides many deep cleaning services for commercial properties. Deep cleaning and viral disinfection is available for schools, commercial properties, offices, restaurants including kitchens, warehouses and factories.

Our deep cleaning specialists know how dangerous the coronavirus is. Our workers are trained to work with these viruses safely and clean your premises. Our staff wears the best protective gear and specialized equipment that meet all federal safety and health standards. PureOne Services performs a two-step viral disinfection and decontamination regimen that adheres to CDC regulations for disinfection and deep cleaning.

PureOne Services uses cleaning products that will eradicate the coronavirus and other viruses. All of our cleaning products are registered on the EPA N list.

Contact PureOne Services Today For Viral Disinfection Services in Minneapolis

Our owner Todd Olson and his well-trained team at PureOne Services in Minneapolis know how vital it is to keep your workers, customers, and families safe from COVID-19 and other viruses. Whether you are a school principal, administrator, business owner, or operate a warehouse, the PureOne Services team is proud to offer the virus disinfection services that will protect your property and personnel.

Please contact us at any time at (612) 346-2024 to start your viral disinfection in Minneapolis.