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Drug Lab Cleanup Services in St. Louis

If you’ve found a former drug lab on your property, contact the professionals of PureOne Services St. Louis to handle the cleanup process. Our cleanup crew is properly trained to effectively handle any biohazards or toxins that may be present on the scene. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Call today.

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Former Drug Lab Cleanup – Trust the PureOne Services St. Louis Cleanup Experts

PureOne Services St. Louis offers affordable and effective drug lab testing for properties in the St. Louis metro area. Using the most advanced technologies and techniques, our team will clean and disinfect your property so that it is safe to inhabit once more. We offer a complete testing, decontamination, and reporting package that’s designed to be scientifically sound, legally defensible, and meets regulatory and customer objectives.

As experts of biohazard remediation and other forms of restoration, we understand how frustrating and disturbing it can be to find a drug lab on your property, which is why we conduct our drug lab cleanup work with sensitivity, efficiency, and respect for your time and space. We are here to give you peace of mind. Contact us today.

The Dangers of a Drug Lab on your Property

Chemicals that are used in the “cooking” process will permeate surfaces including walls, countertops, and more. These chemicals will leave behind a toxic residue that is invisible to the naked eye. Since this toxic residue is invisible, you may be under the impression that the property is safe to inhabit. Unfortunately, this is not always true. The invisible vapor clings to every surface, including:

• Appliances
• Building structure
• Carpets
• Upholstered furniture
• Drywall
• HVAC system
• Wells and septic
• Yard

These chemicals are not easily tackled and antibacterial cleaners will not do the trick. It is important to take the proper steps to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. At PureOne Services St. Louis, our drug lab decontamination process will bring you peace of mind.

Drug Lab Remediation in St. Louis

If you’re faced with any type of drug lab situation on your property, PureOne Services St. Louis can help. We offer comprehensive biohazard and drug lab cleanup services. Contact our compassionate customer service team today if you’re placed in the unfortunate position of cleaning up a former drug lab. At PureOne Services St. Louis, we guarantee:

Fast, 24-hour emergency response

Free, no-obligation estimates

Top-of-the-line methods and equipment

Compassionate customer service


PureOne Services is truly the best!! My home flooded and we discovered mold. It was horrible. PureOne staff immediately came to the rescue. They provided an honest, fair quote. Everyone I dealt with was very professional, nice, and most importantly they restored my home! This is a company you can truly trust to restore your home with a fair price.

Jasmine M, Georgia
We were so pleased with the service and professionalism of this company! We felt comfortable with their team. Jerry the owner was friendly and a good listener. We interviewed other companies and were not impressed! Thank you!
Maryann A, Missouri

One of my properties had water damage and they did an outstanding job. I ended up going with them because they were straight forward and non pushy. Ended up delivering exactly what was promised.

Yura M, Minnesota
My basement was moldy smelling and I called PureOne. Pat came right over and sprayed a natural spray to clean basement and a big machine that is called an air scrubber and he checked for mold. Great service and just what I needed to have peace of mind !!
Kirsten B, Gerogia

I found my mother in law. She was not responsive. After the police and funeral home left with her body I was left to cleanup the mess. I searched google and found PureOne Services. I’m so thankful I clicked on them and called them. They were compassionate and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Matt, Joe and their entire team!

Michael Stevens, Connecticut
I had a great experience with Pure One when I had fire damage. Very professional and reliable service. Highly recommend.
Clark M, Minnesota

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