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Meet Todd Olson

I am Todd Olson, from Minnesota. I grew up in Roseau, MN, which is a small town in northern MN. During my childhood, my parents owned several small businesses in Roseau. They taught me hard work, but more importantly, they taught me about people and how to treat folks right in both my personal and work life.

These values are the foundation in which I operate my business and personal life today. I started the business in Minneapolis because I want to help people when they are most likely experiencing a very stressful event in their life. Our staff has been carefully selected to reflect the same values that are important to me, and the values that I believe will be helpful to our customers.

Before this venture, I worked in a retail customer service driven business. That experience has helped me better understand the services we provide and work with our customers at a level that is second to none.

I believe in excellence in our work, so myself and my staff have been extensively trained to do our work to perfection.


Our Work

Amazing.  A 90-year-old friend of ours recently had a heart attack and moved to a nursing home. We went to his house which we found to be floor to rafters in the basement and in the garage of junk (he collected old electronics–toxic waste).  The main floor was 4 feet deep of trash pierced with small footpaths of trash, empty food containers, more electronics, dirty laundry, moldy furniture etc.  Literally tons of debris.  (We let the church and family take what he gave to them) Todd was prompt and professional. Their anonymous white truck-kept backing up again and again to the garage-several trips per day for a week and then they did a thorough clean on the empty house.  It was on budget and on time but also with professional attention to privacy and sadness.

Steven M.


Enclosed is the final payment for Bio-hazard cleanup for c-diff in mom’s home. Thank you for letting us make payments. We truly appreciate that.

I would also like to thank you for your genuine care and concern of getting the house CLEAN for mom to come home. You sure were an angel sent from above to help us and to guide us through this ordeal.

Mom is doing good and she’s happy to be bak home.

Thanks again Todd and to your crew for cleaning mom’s house.

Karen W.

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