The Fire Damage Restoration Process

There are a number of steps in the restoration process that will vary depending on the damage done to your property. The professionals at PureOne Services are trained and ready to address any fire damage, big or small.


Fire Damage Containment

Your fire damage technicians will first evaluate your home and board up any missing windows or damaged walls to keep your home secure during the restoration process.


Cleaning and Storing

Depending on the size of the fire, your undamaged belongings will need to be removed and cleaned. We will carefully store any items for the duration of the restoration process.


Building Restoration

Fire can damage the structural components of a building, such as load bearing walls. Our professional technicians and engineers will work to restore your property and make it safe once again.


Smoke and Odor Elimination

Unless properly addressed, odors left behind after a fire can linger indefinitely. PureOne Services will remove these odors, leaving your home smoke-free.