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Meth Lab Cleanup

When methamphetamine labs remains are found on your property, it is smart to act fast to clean up the damage. PureOne Services professional team can quickly and effectively get your home or business back to normal.  

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You don’t have to go through this alone.

Methamphetamine and other drugs are not only dangerous to take, they are incredibly dangerous to produce. The residues left from meth production can be deadly, and oftentimes are invisible to the naked eye. The cooking process leaves a toxic residue that can permeate walls, upholstery, furniture, and HVAC systems. If you have encountered a meth lab, extreme caution must be taken to ensure your safety. This is not a small, simple clean up job. Meth Lab Cleanup is a job that is best suited to the professionals.

PureOne Services is a certified and insured math lab cleanup company, specializing in meth testing and drug lab decontamination. We follow all state and federal protocols regarding the removal of such biohazards. Call the restoration specialists at PureOne Services to clean the remains of a meth lab and remove associated residue, and breathe easy again!

We understand how frustrating, and quite frankly, disturbing the aftermath of a meth lab can be. We will conduct our work with sensitivity, efficiency, and respect for your time and space. We will completely remediate the scene, so you can get back to normal.The aftermath of a meth lab can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.

The Dangers Of Meth Labs

As a family owned business, we take our responsibility to the community very seriously. We understand the pain and suffering that many communities face due to the rise in methamphetamine use. This, unfortunately, means that meth labs are more common than people may realize. Often these labs are not large, but produce a great deal of toxic chemicals that can permeate a building or a home. 

When these items and areas become contaminated, they become hazardous to people and pets alike and can cause serious health problems. The potentially deadly chemicals left behind can linger for months or years after the lab is gone, and can wind up entering the body by inhalation, ingestion, or absorption through the skin. Porous items like upholstered furniture and carpets can absorb and hold onto the residue until they’re properly decontaminated! And on top of the risk of direct harm, meth labs are also at risk for explosion and fire.

If a residence or property has played home to a drug lab, it requires professional evaluation and sanitation before a public health official can declare it habitable. You should never try to eliminate these health hazards yourself—not only are you risking further damaging the home or structure, but you’re also risking your own wellbeing! Instead, call in a professional cleaning crew like the team at PureOne Services. We can help restore your home, safely and efficiently.

The Sanitation Process

PureOne professionals clean and sanitize affected areas in your property using a standardized procedure that puts your health and safety first.


On-Scene Inspection

Our cleanup professionals will first evaluate your home and document any hazards that may be present.


Research and Testing

Our team will research law enforcement records, conduct air and structural testing in the building, and develop a plan based on the results.


Removal of Contamination

We will remove any and all contaminated items we discover as a result of our testing.


Cleanup and Sanitation

PureOne Services uses professional-grade disinfectants, specialized products, and ozone treatments to clean and sanitize surfaces, remove hazards, and eliminate odors.


Final Testing

We reconstruct any compromised components of your home or property and do a final test to ensure that there are no remaining contaminants before we finalize the job. We also provide a closure report for your peace of mind.

Meth Lab Cleanup and Other Remediation Services

We’re pleased to offer our professional restoration and remediation services in multiple locations around the country! Each of our locations offers emergency cleanup services day or night and is fully prepared to help you handle your situation. We guarantee:

Fast, 24-hour emergency response

Free, no-obligation estimates

Top-of-the-line methods and equipment

Compassionate customer service

Illegal activity doesn’t happen in a vacuum—you may find yourself dealing with all manner of biohazards in that former drug lab. The good news is that you don’t actually have to do a thing except pick up the phone! Whether you’re faced with a former meth lab or you’re in need of crime scene cleanup, the professionals at PureOne Services can help.

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PureOne Services is truly the best!! My home flooded and we discovered mold. It was horrible. PureOne staff immediately came to the rescue. They provided an honest, fair quote. Everyone I dealt with was very professional, nice, and most importantly they restored my home! This is a company you can truly trust to restore your home with a fair price.

Jasmine M, Georgia
We were so pleased with the service and professionalism of this company! We felt comfortable with their team. Jerry the owner was friendly and a good listener. We interviewed other companies and were not impressed! Thank you!
Maryann A, Missouri

One of my properties had water damage and they did an outstanding job. I ended up going with them because they were straight forward and non pushy. Ended up delivering exactly what was promised.

Yura M, Minnesota
My basement was moldy smelling and I called PureOne. Pat came right over and sprayed a natural spray to clean basement and a big machine that is called an air scrubber and he checked for mold. Great service and just what I needed to have peace of mind !!
Kirsten B, Gerogia

I found my mother in law. She was not responsive. After the police and funeral home left with her body I was left to cleanup the mess. I searched google and found PureOne Services. I’m so thankful I clicked on them and called them. They were compassionate and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Matt, Joe and their entire team!

Michael Stevens, Connecticut
I had a great experience with Pure One when I had fire damage. Very professional and reliable service. Highly recommend.
Clark M, Minnesota


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