Methamphetamine and other drugs are dangerous to take and dangerous to make. If you have encountered a meth lab, extreme caution must be taken. The cooking process leaves a toxic residue that can permeate walls, upholstery, furniture, and HVAC systems. The cleaning of a drug lab must be done by a trained specialist to avoid injury and even death. PureOne Services is a certified and insured math lab cleanup company, specializing in meth testing and drug lab decontamination. Call the restoration specialists at PureOne Services to clean the remains of a meth lab and remove associated residue, and breathe easy again!

Dangers of Meth Labs

The dangerous residue that is a byproduct of “cooking” drugs can linger in the HVAC system, furniture and walls of a building for a long time, causing serious health problems. It can penetrate the body through absorption from the skin, ingestion or inhalation from air particles. Common symptoms of exposure to these toxic substances include neurological impairments, kidney damage, difficulty breathing and behavioral changes The very young and the elderly are most susceptible to these issues.

When these items and areas become contaminated, they become hazardous to people and pets alike and can cause serious health problems. The potentially deadly chemicals left behind can linger for months or years after the lab is gone, and can wind up entering the body by inhalation, ingestion, or absorption through the skin. Porous items like upholstered furniture and carpets can absorb and hold onto the residue until they’re properly decontaminated! And on top of the risk of direct harm, meth labs are also at risk for explosion and fire.

Exposure to meth residues can cause health effects like behavioral changes, neurological harm, and kidney and liver damage. Young children are at particularly high risk of adverse health effects for a number of reasons. Unless they’re at daycare, infants and toddlers spend much of their time at home, where they can come into contact with those contaminated surfaces while playing. And because they consume more oxygen while growing, they are also more at risk of inhaling those airborne pollutants.

If a residence or property has played home to a drug lab, it requires professional evaluation and sanitation before a public health official can declare it habitable. You should never try to eliminate these health hazards yourself—not only are you risking further damaging the home or structure, but you’re also risking your own wellbeing! Instead, call in a professional cleaning crew.

The PureOne Services Process for Cleaning Drug Labs

Whether a tenant was cooking meth on your property and you have just discovered the remains, or have purchased a new property that you believe has served as a drug lab, PureOne Services can help. Our process for cleaning and decontaminating meth labs has been honed over the years to ensure complete removal of meth residue from structures and indoor air.

Our Process:

  • Onsite inspection
  • Research law enforcement records
  • Air and structural testing
  • Develop a plan based on results
  • Stabilize residue levels
  • Remove contaminated waste
  • Decontaminate, clean and sterilize
  • Provide closure report
  • Work with your insurance carrier

Meth Lab Cleanup and Other Remediation Services

We’re pleased to offer our professional restoration and remediation services in four locations around the country! Each of our locations offers emergency cleanup services day or night and is fully prepared to help you handle your situation.


Matthew Fleisher, owner of PureOne Services Connecticut, knows that crime scene cleanup CT and other biohazard events require professional expertise coupled with a caring and empathetic approach to remediation. His team of trained professionals are based in Niantic CT and is ready and able to address your Connecticut mold removal ct and blood cleanup ct needs.


PureOne Services Georgia offers a variety of restoration and remediation services, ranging from natural disaster help to mold remediation. Owners Sandra and Pat Apoian take a personal approach to remediation, putting their customers first and handling any and all needs with sensitivity.


Todd Olson operates PureOne Services Minnesota with fine attention to detail, both in his remediation work and careful selection of his staff. Hoarding cleanup services and a range of other restoration and remediation services are available throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs.


Jerry Fisher, owner of PureOne Services Missouri, operates out of Sunset Hills, Missouri and services the St. Louis metro area as well as southern Illinois. Whether you require crime scene cleanup, water damage remediation, or professional biohazard services, his team is ready to create a comprehensive plan to best address your needs.

Get Your Property Back with PureOne Services

Illegal activity doesn’t happen in a vacuum—you may find yourself dealing with all manner of biohazards in that former drug lab. The good news is that you don’t actually have to do a thing except pick up the phone! So instead of searching for information on how to get blood out of carpet, give us a call. Whether you’re faced with a former meth lab or you’re in need of crime scene cleanup, the professionals at PureOne Services can help.









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