If a murder or suicide happened in your house, it’s important to call PureOne Services for crime scene cleanup in St. Louis. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the police will clean up the crime scene. Once their investigation is complete, you need fast crime scene cleanup in St. Louis by calling (314) 974-7194.

After Crime Scene Cleanup in St. Louis

If you are dealing with after crime scene cleanup in St. Louis, it’s an error to think that you can clean it up yourself. Blood, urine, feces, and human remains will contaminate your home and make it dangerous for you and your loved ones. But you can rely on PureOne Services for crime scene cleanup in St. Louis.

PureOne Services has the training and equipment to ensure your home is just like it was before the incident. Our team uses professional Personal Protective Equipment or PPE that protects us from the dangerous pathogens at violent crime scenes. Our PPE have respirators, gloves, and boots so that everyone is safe during this work. Most of our PPE is used once and safely disposed of at the end of each work day.

Also, PureOne Services uses biohazard disposal containers where we put all blood, human remains and other bodily fluids. We take these containers away and dispose of them as well. We also will remove any of your personal belongings that we cannot remediate.

Our team also uses high-grade medical cleaning products to decontaminate and clean your home. Then we use special deodorizing machines to eliminate nasty odors from your property. When our job is done, you’ll never know anything happened.

More Information About Crime Scene Health Hazards

Most of use doesn’t understand all of the biohazards that are at crime scenes where blood was spilled. The longer bodily fluids stay soaked into the carpet, walls, floors and furniture, the more dangerous it is to humans. If you try to clean the scene with bleach and other regular cleaners, you will never get rid of all the contaminants. You’re just putting yourself in danger.

When you call PureOne Services, our cleanup crew will do everything we can to clean your property and get it back to its original condition. Once the house has been cleaned and decontaminated, you can start to move on and process what happened. Our workers also approach this work compassionately. We understand the trauma you have experienced and you will be treated kindly and with great respect during our work.

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A violent crime or incident leaves a mess that homeowners do not have the training or experience to clean up. To get your home clean up properly, please reach out to PureOne Services at (314) 974-7194 for crime scene cleanup in St. Louis.

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