If your property has been the scene of a violent crime with blood, bodily fluids and human remains, it is vital to get prompt crime scene cleanup services offered by PureOne Services. Crime scenes are dangerous and contaminated with many pathogens that can cause HIV, hepatitis and other lethal diseases. Make sure you contact PureOne Services immediately at 888-254-3189 for immediatecrime scene cleanup.

Why Do I Need Crime Scene Cleaning?

Violent crime scenes are dangerous places. If a violent crime such as a murder, suicide or animal attack happens in your home, fast crime scene cleaning is essential. The crime scene cleanup services offered by PureOne Services will make your home safe for your family again.

After you discover the crime scene in your property and you call 911, forensic experts and investigators will arrive to study the crime scene and take evidence. They also secure the area to ensure no one contaminates it. After the police have done their job, the scene must be completely cleaned and decontaminated.

The reason is that a dead, decomposing body leaves behind dangerous blood, bodily fluids and rotting human remains. All of this must be safely handled by trained professionals to ensure the safety of everyone who resides or works at the property.

More About Crime Scene Health Risks

Deadly pathogens run rampant at violent crime scenes from the blood and bodily fluids left behind. Those dangerous pathogens can give people in the area deadly diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV. People who do not have the equipment or training to clean up a crime scene should stay away from the area and call PureOne Services immediately. Attempting to clean up a crime scene without personal protective equipment is extremely dangerous.

The dangers of crime scenes are why the CDC has released a list of precautions that all crime scene cleanup organizations must follow at the scene.

Did you know that dangerous bacteria and airborne viruses may remain in the crime scene area for weeks afterwards? Cleaning up such contaminated areas with conventional cleaning products is completely inadequate and hazardous.

PureOne Services in Minneapolis offers rapid crime scene cleaning. Our team will arrive at your property quickly and will get to work to make the scene look like it did before. Once the crime scene has been cleaned and decontaminated, you can start to deal with the emotional aftermath of the trauma. people who knew and loved the victim can feel safe from the trauma.

Rely On PureOne Services For Your Crime Scene Cleaning

Homeowners lack the personal protective equipment and expertise to properly remediate a crime scene. Never attempt to clean up blood and bodily fluids on your own. Rely on PureOne Services at 888-254-3189 for your crime scene cleanup.