If your home has been contaminated by a crime scene, you need crime scene cleanup services offered by PureOne Services. Crime scenes usually are contaminated with dangerous biohazards that can be a danger to you and your family. Please contact our professional remediation services at 323-454-1168 for rapid-response crime scene cleanup.

Why Is Crime Scene Cleaning So Important?

When a violent crime occurs at a property, crime scene cleaning is vital. Crime scene cleanup in Los Angeles is required to make the home safe and inhabitable again.

Crime scenes can occur in many forms: murders, suicides, animal attacks or accidents often leave a bloody mess behind. After the crime is discovered, forensic examiners and police investigators are brought to the scene to analyze the area and obtain vital evidence. The scene is secured so it is not contaminated. After law enforcement have left, the cleanup can begin.

At most crime scenes, there is a human body left behind. The person’s decomposing body must be handled properly by trained remediation professionals to ensure the safety of everyone in the home. At PureOne Services, our crime scene cleanup team is trained and equipped to clean up bodily fluids, blood, decomposing human remains and any unpleasant odors.

Why Are Crime Scenes Health Risks?

Dangerous pathogens are rampant at crime scenes from blood, bodily fluids and various biological materials. Those pathogens can transmit dangerous diseases, including HIV and hepatitis. People who are untrained in cleaning up human remains mean well but attempting to clean up a crime scene without proper protection and equipment is dangerous.

Note that airborne viruses at a crime scene can cause dangerous health consequences in those who are at the crime scene, or anywhere in the area. The dangers are so severe that the CDC has established a list of precautions that crime scene cleanup teams must follow when dealing with a violent crime scene.

Dangerous pathogens, airborne viruses, and bacteria can stay in the area for days or even weeks. This fact makes the crime scene extremely hazardous for anyone who comes near it. Also, inadequate cleanup processes let the scene stay hazardous for an extended period.

With the fast cleanup services provided by PureOne Services, people who knew and loved the victim can feel safe from the trauma. They know the scene has been professionally cleaned, and they can begin their healing process.

Remember: Only a trained crime cleanup team can thoroughly clean up and decontaminate a violent crime scene. Do not attempt to do it yourself as you only will put you and your family at risk.

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