Police investigators do not have a cleanup team after they investigate a violent crime, so you need to call PureOne Services in Atlanta today for your crime cleanup services. The cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and bacteria falls on the homeowner, who isn’t trained or equipped for crime cleanup services. So, please call us at (678) 648-1262 for immediate crime scene cleanup services in Atlanta.

Crime Scene Cleaning Overview

It is a bad idea for crime scene cleaning to be attempted by anyone not trained and equipped for the task. Bodily fluid is a hazardous material and the longer it remains in the home, the more likely it can infect your loved ones with hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases.

PureOne Services in Atlanta has the equipment and training to cleanup a bloody crime scene properly. Some of the equipment that we use include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: PPE is used by crime scene cleanup professionals to protect them from dangerous crime scene pathogens. The PPE includes non-porous, disposable gloves, chemical spill boots, respirators, and a suit that completely protects the body. Most of this protective equipment is one-use and is safely discarded after the cleanup is complete.
  • Biohazard disposal containers: Our company uses solid plastic containers and special hazmat bags that are sealed to contain all remains, bodily fluids, and contaminated belongings.
  • Cleaning supplies: All the supplies we use are properly disposed of after use.
  • Disinfectant solutions: Peroxide and bleach are used to decontaminate the crime scene.
  • Special deodorizers: There are many types, and we may use a fogger machine to eliminate some odors that can remain in the property.
  • Solvents: Used to disinfect and re-liquefy dried blood.

Health Risks At Crime Scenes

Blood, bodily fluids and other biological materials create many biohazards at crime scenes. These are hazardous pathogens that can make your family sick with deadly diseases. People who are untrained in cleaning up crime scenes should never do so because it is so dangerous.

When you rely on PureOne Services in Atlanta, you will know that your home will be cleaned and decontaminated professionally. Once your home is back to its pre-incident condition, you can begin to deal with the emotional impact of this traumatic event.

Always remember that only trained professionals can safely clean up a crime scene. Never attempt this hazardous task without the proper equipment or training. No matter how clean you think the crime scene is, dangerous pathogens will remain, and you will have exposed yourself to them.

Call PureOne Services Immediately for Fast Crime Scene Cleanup

When a violent crime occurs in your home, a dangerous, bloody mess is left behind. Attempting to clean up such a dangerous scene without property personal protective gear and professional cleaning supplies is extremely dangerous. To clean up your home and get it to look like new, please call PureOne Services in at Atlanta at 888-254-3189 for your fast crime scene cleanup.