On average, nearly 30 million people in the United States get the flu each year. While you can prepare for the annual flu season by getting your flu shot, there are other steps you should be taking this season to keep the flu and other viral pathogens at bay. With an estimated 6.83 million COVID-19 cases in the US to date, and no vaccine currently available, it’s essential to follow recommended safety protocols in order to keep your family and community healthy.


Protecting Yourself from Viral Pathogens

With flu season approaching and COVID-19 still a real threat, what can you do to protect your family and community from viruses? Aside from the basics (like washing your hands often, staying home when you’re sick, and getting a flu shot if possible), PureOne Services has a few more tips to help you stay safe this season.


PPE Is Essential

At PureOne Services, we complete most of our cleanup jobs in head-to-toe PPE, so we know how important it is to have the right equipment to protect yourself. While COVID-19 is still a present threat, PPE will protect you and those around you from getting sick and furthering the spread. Even if you don’t feel sick, you should wear a mask at all times when around people outside of your household.


Use a Professional Disinfection Service

Professional disinfection services can prevent the spread of the flu as well as COVID-19 in your home or business. A viral disinfection company such as PureOne Services will use a special, multi-step process to clean and disinfect all surfaces. First, all high-touch surfaces will be wiped down with a sanitizing solution designed to kill viral pathogens. Then, special fogging equipment will be used to mist the disinfectant into hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Whether your home or business has been exposed to COVID-19, or you’re just looking for some extra peace-of-mind, using a professional disinfection service can eliminate the threat of viruses like COVID-19 and the flu.


Need Viral Disinfection Services?

Your local PureOne Services team will be more than happy to conduct a thorough disinfection of your home, office, or other business. Because we want to disrupt your life as little as possible, we work efficiently to complete our disinfection procedure as quickly as possible. Ask your local office about early-morning time slots, often available for your convenience. Call us today to find out more!