Violent Crime in Your Home? Call PureOne Services Today!

If a violent crime happened in your home, make sure you call PureOne Services for blood cleanup in St. Louis. Remember that the police do not clean up a crime scene after they finish their investigation. You need to clean it up, so please contact us at (888) 254-3189 for rapid blood cleanup in St. Louis.

Why You Must Have Blood Cleanup in St. Louis For a Violent Crime Incident

It is a mistake to try crime scene cleaning when you do not have the training or equipment to do the job. Blood and other bodily fluids can leave behind dangerous viruses and pathogens that can cause HIV or hepatitis. The longer blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids and components are left, the more hazardous they become. But you can count on blood cleanup in St. Louis by PureOne Services to help.

We have the special equipment and training to make your home as good as new. Some of the equipment and products that we use to sanitize your home include Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. PPE is needed to protect humans from pathogens present at violent crime scenes. The PPE we use has disposable, non-porous gloves, special boots, and respirators so we are not exposed to dangerous viruses. Most of the PPE we use is used one time and disposed of safely when we are finished.

Our workers also use biohazard disposal containers that will contain all blood, human remains and other bodily fluids and components. We also use these containers to take away your personal belongings that we cannot clean.

Next, we use medical-grade cleaning products to clean and decontaminate the scene. We also use deodorizing machines to eliminate unpleasant odors from the home. When our team is done, you will never know the crime happened in your home.

More Information About Health Hazards at Crime Scenes

Most people don’t know about the many biohazards at violent crime scenes. The longer blood and other bodily fluids stay there, the greater the danger to humans and pets. If you try to clean up the scene yourself with regular cleaners and no PPE, you endanger your health.

When you contact us, our team will do everything to totally decontaminate your property and get it back to how it was before. Once the house is cleaned, you can process the event emotionally and begin to heal.

Please ContactPureOne Services in St. Louis To Clean Your Home

A violent crime or incident leaves a bloody mess that no amateur can clean up safely. To have your home cleaned up professionally, please contact PureOne Servicesat 888-254-3189 for blood cleanup in St. Louis.