Law enforcement will leave your house a mess after they investigate a violent crime scene, so you should contact PureOne Services for blood cleanup in Atlanta. You are responsible for the clean up of your home, but no average homeowner can properly clean up a crime scene. So, make sure you call us for blood cleanup in Atlanta at (678) 648-1262

More About Blood Cleanup in Atlanta

Do not attempt crime scene cleaning in your home unless you are a properly trained professional! Blood cleanup in Atlanta should only be done by trained professionals. The longer blood and other bodily fluids remain in your home, the higher the chance that you can catchhepatitis, HIV, and other diseases.

PureOne Services in Atlanta possesses everything needed to clean up after a murder, suicide, or animal attack. For example, we use Personal Protective Equipment or PPE to protect us from hazardous crime scene pathogens.

The PPE we use has non-porous, disposable gloves, chemical spill boots, respirators, and a suit that entirely protects each worker. Most of the equipment we use is only used one time and is safely thrown out after we finish a job.

Our team also uses biohazard disposal containers to take away human remains, blood, other bodily fluids, and your contaminated personal property that cannot be cleaned.

Next, we use medical-grade cleaning supplies and disinfectant solutions to clean the scene, and we dispose of them safely when our work is done.

Another problem with violent crime scenes is unpleasant odors. PureOne Services uses professional deodorizers to get rid of all unwanted smells in your home.

The Many Health Dangers of Crime Scenes

A violent crime scene has many dangerous pathogens present. They can make you and your family sick if they remain. If you are untrained in crime scene cleanup, you will never be able to eliminate all the dangerous viruses and pathogens left behind. Regular household cleaners may eliminate the obvious signs of contamination, but that is only part of the job.

When you call us, you will be assured that your property will be professionally cleaned and decontaminated. After your home is back to normal, you will have some peace of mind as you begin to process the emotional trauma.

Call PureOne Services Today For Crime Scene Cleanup
A murder, suicide, animal attack, or other violent incident leaves many dangers in its wake. Trying to clean it up without PPE and professional products is dangerous. For cleaning up your home and making it like it was before, please reach out to PureOne Services at (678) 648-1262 for blood cleanup in Atlanta.

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