When a home is damaged by a biohazard, such as blood, it is critical to start a biohazard cleanup in Minneapolis immediately.

PureOne Services is trusted in the Twin Cities region for its quality biohazard cleaning service, compassion, and reasonable prices. Please give us a call at any time for biohazard cleanup in Minneapolis at (833) 440-0881 (612) 346-2024), or visitwww.pureoneservices.com. visit www.pureoneservices.com.

Why Do You Need Biohazard Cleanup Services?

For most household messes, such as dirt, dust, grime, oil, grease, etc., regular cleaning products work well. But if there is a death, suicide or accident where blood spills, you need biohazard cleanup in Minneapolis.

You and your loved ones risk serious health problems if you stay in a home with biohazards present. For example, you can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens (BPP). You also may contract a virus such as hepatitis, and MRSA bacteria also are a risk.

To reduce the spread of serious diseases, it is critical for a biohazard cleanup team to clean your home and dispose of all contaminated materials. Proper protective gear also must be worn during the cleanup process.

Because of these possible health dangers, PureOne Services is geared toward cleaning and sanitizing all damaged areas of your home with standardized cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Your health and safety are the priorities with our process outlined below:

  • On-scene assessment: Biohazard professionals check all areas of the home to see if blood and other bodily fluids are present.
  • Containment: Our team contains and controls contaminated parts of the property with a standardized cleaning process that follows precise regulatory standards for biohazard cleanup.
  • Cleanup and sanitation: PureOne Services works with professional-grade cleaning products, disinfectants, and ozone treatments. Your home is cleaned and sanitized, and stains and odors are eliminated.
  • Final testing: Our team does a final quality check to ensure no blood or fluids remain in your home.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Minneapolis

Was a crime committed in your home? You may have property damage, such as blood, fingerprint dust, and other bodily fluids. Biohazards at a crime scene can make you and your family sick. All bodily fluids must be removed according to strict health and safety regulations.

You need crime scene cleanup in Minneapolis offered by PureOne Services. Our team follows the procedures below to get your home clean and sanitized:

  • On-scene assessment: Our cleaning team checks your home for the presence of unwanted crime scene remnants, such as blood, etc.
  • Containment: We contain and control the parts of the home that are affected, using a standardized cleaning process.
  • Cleanup and sanitation: Special disinfectants and ozone treatments are used to clean every surface, take out stains, and eliminate all signs that there was a crime scene.
  • Claim filing: If you need it, we will work with your insurance company to process and file your claim.

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Are Not All the Same

There are many crime scene cleanup companies out there trying to get your business. At PureOne Services, we pride ourselves on being a locally owned company who understands the difficulty you are (have) experienced. We will come to your home personally and ensure the cleanup process is performed thoroughly and with thought and compassion.

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PureOne Services understands that a biohazard or crime scene in the home is a serious matter. We are honored to offer professional biohazard and crime scene cleanup services. We offer excellent cleaning and disinfecting, customer service, prices, and the compassion and understanding of a locally owned business.

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