If your home has been contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids, you need a biohazard cleanup in Atlanta immediately.

PureOne Services is trusted in the Atlanta region for high-quality biohazard cleanup services, reasonable prices, and compassion. Our family-run company can be trusted to handle your biohazard cleanup in Atlanta. Please call for immediate service at (833) 440-0881 (678) 648-1262, or visit www.pureoneservices.com.

Why Is Biohazard Cleanup Important?

After a traumatic event such as a death or suicide at home, you may feel lost about what to do. We understand this is a stressful time for you. That is why we always perform our cleanup duties with respect, dignity and sensitivity. Below is more information about how we do our biohazard cleanup work.

Regular cleaning products you buy at the grocery store are fine for routine household cleanup. But if blood spills in a death, suicide or accident in your home, you need biohazard cleanup in Atlanta.

A biohazard in your home is a serious health risk. According to the CDC, a biohazard is when infectious agents or hazardous biological materials present a risk to human, animal, or environmental health.

Contacting blood or other bodily fluids in your home can expose you to dangerous bloodborne pathogens (BPP). The hepatitis virus or MRSA bacteria also may be present.

Because of these possible health dangers, PureOne Services’ processes are designed to clean and sanitized the affected parts of your home.

  • On-scene assessment: Biohazard professionals will check your home and make note of blood and other bodily fluids present.
  • Containment: Following strict regulatory guidelines, we contain damaged areas and remove dangerous materials from your home.
  • Cleanup and sanitation: We use professional-quality cleaners and ozone treatments to clean and sanitize all affected surfaces. We also take out stains and eliminate odors.
  • Final testing: Our team does a final check of the home to ensure all biohazards were removed.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Atlanta

Was a violent crime committed in your home? You may have property damage, such as blood, fingerprint dust, and other bodily fluids. All these fluids and materials need to be removed from your home so it is livable again.

You need (a space is needed) crime scene cleanup in Atlanta offered by PureOne Services. Our team follows these procedures to get your home back to its pre-incident condition:

  • On-scene assessment: Our team reviews the property to find any blood or other bodily fluids present.
  • Containment: All biohazards are contained and we control the area of the home where the crime occurred.
  • Cleanup and sanitation: We utilize professional-grade cleaners and disinfectants, specialized processes, and ozone treatments to clean every surface and get rid of unpleasant odors.
  • Claim filing: We can assist with filing a claim with your homeowners’ policy.

Aftermath Recovery – PureOne Services Can Help

Our PureOne Services team is highly skilled in aftermath recovery. This means they will work closely with you to clean up the biohazard present in your home, eliminate all blood and other bodily fluids, and also eliminate odors. There will be no sign of the biohazard when they leave.

Contact PureOne Services Today!

PureOne Services understands that a biohazard or crime scene in the home is an upsetting and grave matter. We are humbled to offer professional biohazard and crime scene cleanup services to the Atlanta community. We provide the best cleaning and disinfecting services possible, as well as fair prices, excellent customer service, and the compassion and understanding of a locally ownedcompany (owned company).

We also are the ones who clean your home. When you call our office, we get to know you and your situation, and we come out as soon as possible to get the job done right. This level of personal service cannot be matched by our major corporate competitors.

PureOne Services also offers fast, 24-hour emergency response, free estimates, and cutting-edge methods and equipment. Please call – day or night – at (833) 440-0881 (678) 648-1262 toinitiate (to initiate) your biohazard cleanup in Atlanta.

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